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My 2.5D Video

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Decided to try out some 2.5D conversions with my photos. Here's the result.

Questions, comments and critique are certainly welcome!

3D Is For Suckers

*Holds gun to head*

I demand you tell me:

*Where I can learn to do the 3D effect.
*What you edited in FCP7
*What you used to capture your screen
*Name of the song
*What transition effects you used

What exactly did you do in AE, that you then edited in FCP7? For example, the shot of the individual looking up at the building, I take it that whole sequence was actually done in AE? What settings did you use to export from AE for use in FCP?

Also, fantastic work! :D

Just Cool 8)

Terry Rogers:



Terry Rogers:

--- Quote from: thundermonkey on March 05, 2012, 11:00:59 PM ---*Name of the song

--- End quote ---

Awolnation - Sail


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