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Anybody else more excited about wireless flash over 5DMKIII?

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I don't know, the new 5D is nice but there's nothing really remarkable it seems to me. An evolutionary rather than revolutionary change. While the new flash is also an evolutionary change it's a much more welcome one to my mind. I've put off getting third party wireless - expensive, and I dislike the big, ungainly thing that you have to stick onto your hot shoe. Yuck ... build in to the flash with full ETTL support - beautiful. This is a huge change.

I preordered three and the controller when it becomes available for preorder. I already have a 580 and the previous generation (480 I think), pity that the flash doesn't mix optical and RF control, but that's what EBay is for. I this this will give me much more creative control then upgrading to the MKIII or a new lens at this point. Anybody else?

I'm in the same boat (minus the preorders - money is an issue at the moment). Just update the firmware for older models and I'll be a happy camper.

I'm with you. I'm glad that the 5DIII is more an evolutionary than revolutionary design. So it'll be there in a few years if I need a replacement or a second body. Very nice. The new speedlite system is the more exciting part. Given its cost and the open questions regarding compatibility with the current system and current cameras I'll have to sit on the sidelines for a while and wait for, e.g., firmware updates for the 5DII, how things pan out in real life once these are released and what - if any - third-part manufacturer reactions may be to this. Exciting times for someone who only recently got into all the uses of strobes and speedlites. I can't really go out and drop 3K on new flashes and the controller but of the latest news that's really the topic that I followed most closely. But since mix and match is likely a persistent issue I may snatch up one or two 580s or 430s for the time being. I also wonder if this will lead folks to sell their Pocket Wizards, etc or if pros and semi-pros will hold on to them for their compatibility with other studio gear.

having a phottix odin i rather buy 4x 580 EX II then two of the new flashes.

I think the new system is a step in the right direction and I can't wait for the radio trigger to be integrated into a camera body. Perhaps the 7D2 will get that  - just like it was the first to get the built in ST-E2 :)


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