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BG-E11 questions

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Not sure if this is the first post, but there seems to have been little interest in the grip, but I have a couple of questions, one of which will probably not be answered until it goes on sale.

First one is that it seems from the pics of the alloy shell that the batteries will go in from the side like the 1D series instead of from the back in the BG-E6.  If this is the case then the batteries will need a carrier, but I do wonder why a battery grip couldn't have the NP-E3 type battery pack of the 1D series?

The second is the issue that the battery grip has had with compromising the weather sealing, not just on the 5D MkII but others when water entered through the cameras battery compartment.  I doubt anyone can answer this unless Canon has mentioned it or they've asked a rep.

I like a battery grip, it makes the camera much easier for me in portrait, especially with an extra set of controls.

Canon doesn't want to open pandora's box by forcing it's user to have to deal w/ purchasing a different type of battery just to use the grip, they know users wouldn't forgive them for it.  I'm actually pretty happy the 5D3 uses the same batteries as the 5D2/7D - whenever I upgrade, I'll already have a few spares.

As for weather-sealing between the body and the grip, I haven't heard/read anything about that yet, but hopefully Canon's got a solution for that this time around...

Rob Wiebe:
You can see how the Batteries load on this page .... near middle...

Yes, the batteries load from the side. The sealing is much better than the BG-E6 grip, to the same standard as the camera. It is also moulded to the shape of the body, so gives a much tighter fit. I saw a side by side comparison between the MkII and its grip with the MkIII and its grip yesterday, the old style showed daylight between them, the new one was very tight.

According to Canon's press release: "The BG-E11 is made from sturdy magnesium alloy and has the same degree of weather resistance as the EOS 5D Mark III"

I hope this helps...



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