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Buy Canon T2i or wait for the "T3i"

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I'm definitely getting the T2i, its all about timing for me, if I can save hundreds of dollars I am willing to wait...

The 60D is out of my range and my dad says don't bother with his old 20D. If anyone has any input on whether or not I should bank on the Canon T2i as my main go to dslr let me know. I am going to be using it for stills, but predominantly for video. My good friend told me to get the body alone, and get the 50mm 1.8f lens.

Any other suggestions on accessories or lenses I should get? Or should I be looking at a different dslr for video all together?

You wont be saving money if the lens falls apart and you have to get a new one.  You will find many stories on the internet of that 1.8 where the lens falls out.  When you handle the actual lens, it feels like a plastic toy and is just as durable. 

My suggestion is to get the 50mm 1.4  over the 1.8.  Sure its more expensive, but the 1.4 will last many more years then that 1.8. 

Buy it from Amazon as they have a very liberal return policy.  I think when you get the 1.8 then you will send it back quickly as you figure out how toyish and undurable it is.  I ordered one a while back and when it came I sent it right back.  I figured it would not last with the way I handle things.


--- Quote from: canonman on December 21, 2010, 11:04:53 AM ---
My suggestion is to get the 50mm 1.4  over the 1.8.  Sure its more expensive, but the 1.4 will last many more years then that 1.8. 
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the EF 50mm f/1.4 has a higher build quality that´s for sure.
but we get a lot of 50mm f/1.4 back because of defect AF motors.

the EF 50mm f/1.4 is known for this issue.

on the other hand the EF 50mm f/1.8 is optically very good and much cheaper.
it´s 90-95 euros here in germany... so even when you destroy one it´s not such a big deal.

only thing i don´t like is the sometimes poor bokeh.

If your currently in the business of photography and need a new camera badly I'd say buy the t2i, but if you can save up for a bit longer to buy the 60d, i'm 75% sure that the 60d will be better than the t3i in my opinion and it will be worth your while!! the t2i - t3i will be the entry level dslr and will never have most of the important the features of the 60d (swivel maybe) , plain fact (get the camera body only)

Edwin Herdman:
The T3i might have marginally better ISO performance, at equal ISOs, compared to the 60D, as it'll have to have a new sensor (unless Canon does something remarkable and recycles the same sensor for the same model update, which I don't think Nikon has done either).  But of course it'll remain the better camera for sports shooting and for sheer autofocus accuracy.  Pentaprism (vs. mirror), in addition to the points you mentioned.


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