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Author Topic: Anything in the same range as the 60D/7D coming out within the next 6 months?  (Read 4671 times)


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Hey guys,

I'm currently using an XSi (which I bought the first week it was out) that I've been pretty happy with.

I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty comfortable around a DSLR and would like to step up to the next level.  The 7D would be perfect for me, but I don't want to be kicking myself if a 7D mkII comes out in September as the 7D has been out since 2009.  The 60D is great, but I want the 19pt AF that the 7D has.

I really am in no rush as my XSi has been pretty good to me and what I've been doing is just buying better lenses.

Any suggestions?


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unlikely that a 60D replacement will come out until 2012.  the same probably holds for the 7D; most of the XD series cameras have historically had 3-year replacement cycles.  the 7D is still very much a current and relevant camera and there's no market pressure to upgrade the 7D anytime soon.

the longtime posters are starting to sound like broken records on the "should I wait for _____?" questions but I'm going to give you the same answer everyone else gets:

if you think you need the 7D now, then just buy it now.  it's a great camera that will continue to be great even once a 7D Mark II comes out in 2012.


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If your going to do a lot of video - heck interviews - commercials - youtube! , straight up the 60d is the camera to go, the articulating lcd, the ability to disable the agc (no more post sync) . I think canon was listening to all the dslr video wants and stuck it on the 60d :) Really good fps, the best self port camera (now its nice to not guess) - Runing behind the camera to see if im in focus in the video..maybe even call it pray & focus video shooting yourself after hitting the rec button - tend to shoot video by myself atm so the ability to see me in focus is a huge deal, using the mke 400 shotgun mic (rode shotgun mic - would have took up too much space, and too obvious) I chose it because vs the rode video mic its much more stronger directional.

In my opinion 60d is a great mix of picture and video just basically placed 7d as the best picture taking camera only video :)

additional reason why the 7d writes the raw images to a cf card, and if you buy the cf 600x your going to be able to shoot faster the files will be written faster..because.. your going to be waiting to fully shoot again even with a sdhc class 10 even, for video the cf vs sdhc is negligle, just those raw write you just shoot jpg..well you'll never fill out the buffer (my t2i I can press down that shutter button in jpg and you'll never run out .. PROMISE YOU) same goes for 60d..but raw writing power..7d wins because of if they just had put that in the 60d wouldn't want the 7d at all.

90mb write cf card vs 20mb write..sdhc . That raw counter is going to be moving up way faster than the sdhc.. i don't have a 7d to test this theory  vs the 60d , but i do remember how fast the red light turned off on a 7d with a 600x cf card video, fast!

i'm typing this, and why didn't they just add dual digis and a cf card slot to the 60d.. would have made the next year wait even more relaxing :)

lol even why not have 2 60d's and just swap between the two when the buffer runs out :) lol
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