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Author Topic: Replacement for G12 (not the G1X) coming ever?  (Read 3383 times)


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Replacement for G12 (not the G1X) coming ever?
« on: March 06, 2012, 07:23:44 PM »
What do people think - will Canon replace the G12 with a newer small-sensor G, or is the G12 the last of that series? 

I've got a G11 now (love it!).

I was hoping for a G13 with the new features from the S100 - GPS, high-speed video, and new sensor, but obviously they've done the G1X instead.  Which doesn't have any of those, and is bigger.

The G1X just doesn't get me that excited.  I'm sure it's great for many people, but I'm not so happy about trading a bigger/heavier camera for the larger sensor (I have a DSLR too...).  I'd rather have a smaller camera (G12 size is OK) with the new S100 features (but the flip-out screen is a must, which rules out the S100).

So - is a "G13" still coming?

Or do I wait longer and see what the G2X eventually looks like?
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Re: Replacement for G12 (not the G1X) coming ever?
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2012, 08:22:03 PM »
I get the impression that Canon is trying to make a clear distinction between the Sxxx series and the Gxx series, because in the past they've shared the same sensor and quite a few other specs, making them 'almost' the same cameras.

So I wouldn't be surprised if the G12 marks the end of that product line, in favour of something higher end (G1x).
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