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Syl Arena tests the ST-E3-R3 & three 600EX flash guns!



The first impressions, but also the first test with a multi flash set up, worth a read from the expert on Canons Speedlight system.

Thanks for the link :) Interesting to read, good to know although, I won't be upgrading my 580exiis in the near future.
I really respect the opinion of Syl Arena  -as one of the Canon Speedlite experts.

Mt Spokane Photography:
Its a expensive upgrade.  I'm not a big user of flashes, and its likely that Canon will have lower powered units in the future that might be more affordable.  I have a couple of 580 EX II's that I pull out occasionally.

Just for those who didn't see the link, Syl has made a great video using the rig at The Future of Speedliting - Hands on with the 600EX-RT Speedlite & ST-E3-RT Transmitter


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