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Photos from the Canon EOS 60D and Impressions

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I just posted the first photos I took with my 60D using a Christmas tree...

Here is the link:

My thoughts on the 60D after using it for a few days is that it is a vastly more precise instrument then the T2i.  The T2i seems more like a blunt object where as the 60D is more precise, surgical and faster in function and form.  There are some features on the 60D that I am discovering that were not present on the T2i such as the 2 silent modes.  The silent modes are for when you are in a situation where you need to be quiet when taking your photos. 

With any new camera body, it takes a while to get to the point where you are truly fast with its operation.  It will take me about a thousand shots before I truly master this body.  It is definately much different then the T2i and you will need to read the owners manual at least once through. 

I am very happy that I upgraded to this body from the T2i.  I would say using the T2i to get the job done was like taking a brick and hammering a nail.  It works, but its not as precise in form or function.  The 60D is more like a hammer then a brick.  It seems smoother, faster and more of a joy to operate.  The body does seem more durable and easier to hold steady.  I have an aftermarket battery grip I purchased shipped directly from China for 60 bucks.  The battery grip is a must get because you can get a better grip on the camera for steadier shots and it also adds the capability of using AA batteries in the event your Canon battery goes out.  The AA batteries are only meant to be used in an emergency and have a considerably shooter life then two OEM Canon lithium batteries.  I will continue reporting back about the camera after using it a few more days.


--- Quote from: canonman on December 25, 2010, 01:15:58 AM ---I would say using the T2i to get the job done was like taking a brick and hammering a nail.  It works, but its not as precise in form or function.  The 60D is more like a hammer then a brick.  It seems smoother, faster and more of a joy to operate.
--- End quote ---

Try a 7D.  To extend your metaphor, the progression of T2i - 60D - 7D goes like this:


Lets talk about that for a moment.  Each camera in the Canon line fits into a certain niche.  The T2i has its segment of buyers, the 60D has its segment and the 7D has its segment.  Each camera in the line reaches out to a certain buyer.  Even the Canon G-series has its segment.  For example, the Canon G I believe is the ultimate travel camera as it is lightweight and compact yet has features that a serious minded camera user would desire such as the flash bracket and full manual control.  I lugged the T2i with a bag full of lenses around Asia and the United States through 30+ flights.  It wasn't a fun time with all the weight to be honest.  If I had the 7D, then it would have even become more cumbersome. 

So the 60D does reach out to a certain user.  A big plus for me is the articulating screen.  You can definately get pictures you could not obtain previously.  However, that is not the only advantage with this camera.  It is much faster and more precise then the T2i.  Its not as fast as the 7D, but when will you need to take pictures at 1 per every 10-15 milliseconds?  Maybe some might need that, but I dont really need photos to come that fast.

When I saw the negative reviews of the Canon EOS 60D then I debated whether I should purchase that or the 7D.  Now that I have had some time to use the 60D I can say honestly that I am happy with the purchase.  In fact, I am glad that I did not purchase the 7D. 

The 7D and 60D are for two different crowds of buyers.  The 60D has automated scene modes which I used in the past on the T2i.  I love the scene modes because I do not always desire to set everything manually. There are occasions where I am out and simply want the camera to do the work.  There are many options on the 60D that are not on the 7D.  When I had the T2i, I had to download the photos to the computer and use a seperate program to manipulate or resize the photos.  However, the 60D does have the ability for basic post-processing.  I love these new features because I do not enjoy post-processing.  Its time consuming.  I would just like to pop in the card and upload right away.  The articulating screen has proved very useful too.   

The 7D is a pureist camera with no automated scene modes.  It is designed for someone to shoot, download to the computer and then manipulate with Photoshop.  The 7D is much faster, but the 60D is fairly fast.  The 60D can fire off 1 picture every 15-20 milliseconds where as the 7D is like every 10-15 milliseconds.

I have not needed the "microadjust" feature that is absent on the 60D.  My Canon 17-55 seems to focus very well with no issues.   


Image taken with the EOS 60D

In this photo, I used the "Vivid Color" setting.  Now this function can be done in Photoshop or most any other photography program.  However, the point is that I did not have to download the photo to the computer to get this effect thus saving lots of time and post processing work.

Here is a link to the photo:


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