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Purchase thoughts: Canon 5d3 or 24-70L II?

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As a few people on this forum probably are, I'm pretty excited about the new gear that just got announced. I always try to limit myself to one large purchase per year, and so, I'm really stuck on the fence about whether to get the 5d3 or the 24-70L II. I know that reviews aren't out on either one yet, but just based on specs/needs, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts. I'm kind of an all-around hobbyist from family pictures (candid/portrait) to some nature/street photography. I used to have a 1d3 and really miss the joy of having fast reliable AF (even with its perceived issues it was worlds above the 5d2 AF). Thoughts? Thanks!

Current gear is:
5D Mark II, Canon 35mm f/1.4L, Zeiss MP50 f/2, Canon 85 f/1.2L II, Canon 70-200 f/2.8L II

You already have great primes and tele zoom. If I were you, I would get the glass this year and 5D3 next. Great glass will always be great glass whereas the bodies tend to depreciate rapidly.

The 5D2 is an impressive camera that still has amazing IQ, so if you can wait a year to upgrade it you will no doubt get a better deal.

For me, that question boils down to how badly I want the improved AF of the 5D3. (Not that I can afford it right now ;-) But that would be my logic. For me, the ISO is already amazing on the 5D2. Speaking for myself, the only thing that actually LIMITS my photography when using the 5D2 is the sometimes unreliable/limited AF. Aside from that, I have no "problems" with the 5D2. Obviously, I'll gladly take the extra ISO. But, c'mon... the IQ and ISO are already CRAZY good on the 5D2.

Random Orbits:
I vote for the 5DIII with your lens setup.  The AF improvements should make it possible to use off-center AF points, which gives you more options for framing.  The hit rate should be improved over your 5DII for all your lenses.  This way, you make your four lenses more effective.  The other way, you gain 24-34mm but still are limited by the AF.

If you get the 5DIII this year and the 24-70 II next year, the price difference won't be that large if you reverse the order (at least when no rebates/double rebates are involved).

Stephen Melvin:
I think you should get the camera this year and the lens next year. Canon's history with the 70-200 suggests the price will come down a bit in a year or so, and they do have the rebates from time to time as well.

The camera likely won't drop in price for a couple of years. You miss having professional AF, so why not get it now?


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