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Are EF-S lenses compatible with FF bodies

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I thought EF-S lenses are not compatible with FF bodies. But then I saw this bundle being sold by adorama

What is the reasoning here? EF-S 15-85 is compatible with 5DII or just a marketing ploy or mistake or what?

Just because they are not compatible they still can be sold together in a bundle, right?

This really looks like a silly mistake to me.

EF-S lenses do not physically fit the 5D2 and even if you were able to fit the lens, (like you can fit Tamron/Sigma crop lenses with an EF mount, the resulting image circle is to small, does not cover the sensor, so you get massive vignetting.

It makes no sense whatsoever to sell this combo - morreover, an unsuspecting buyer who buys this might even end up suing Adorama because the expectations (that the components of the bundle would work together) were not met.

No, this is a mistake, and they will probably fix it if somebody points it out to them.

I'm sure they can throw in a roll of duct tape to attach the lens to the camera  ;D

Mt Spokane Photography:
Obvious error, I sent a e-mail to Helen Oster and asked her to have it fixed.  It should probably be a 24-105mm L, if so, its a good deal.


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