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Shoot 2K, 3K & 4K on a T2i/550D?

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From Philip Bloom
I was just notified on my Facebook page by Forian Bottger about this that someone called Earz62801 will be releasing a firmware hack for the T2i/ 550d (not the other Canons) that will give it 2K, 3K,4K video recording capability and bit rates between 45mb/s and 175mb/s. . The date of the release is Jan the 1st. This is nothing to do with Magic Lantern, just totally out of the blue from this person.
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if true ... thats amazing

can somebody tell me what exactly is 2k, 3k and 4k video? better than 1080p?


Video out of the cameras now is like a jpg - 4k would be akin (not exactly before i get based) to raw

this is the very very simple explanation...


Taken from Wikipedia:

720×480  : D-VHS, DVD, miniDV, Digital8, Digital Betacam (pro)
720×480  : Widescreen DVD (anamorphic)
1280×720  : D-VHS, HD DVD, Blu-ray, HDV (miniDV)
1440×1080 : HDV (miniDV)
1920×1080 : HDV (miniDV), AVCHD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, HDCAM SR (pro)
2048×1080 : 2K Digital Cinema
4096×2160 : 4K Digital Cinema
7680×4320 : UHDTV


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