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*UPDATE* CES Update [CR1]


Canon Rumors:

The entry level A series cameras will be replaced at CES.
A new product line will be launched, however it won’t resemble the TX1/SX1. It’s still unclear what it will be. Everything seems to be under tight lock and key. It’s said to be a consumer product.
No SLR or lenses for CES.
Anything new coming?

I’ve heard Canon will introduce a new product line at CES, it may only consist of one product to start.
It will not be a PowerShot, nor an EVIL (Mirrorless) camera system.
I’ve been told to think along the lines of the TX1 and SX1 but with some crazy framerates and perhaps a larger sensor.
Do not expect any lenses or S.L.R.’s to be announced. Just consumer stuff this go around.
More to come soon.

So in terms of a 5D Mark III being released this year, September looks like the obvious choice? Or do you reckon we could see it anytime before then?

if it is not an EOS, not a PowerShot, not an Evil then logically the only thing left out is a camcorder/video camera (a new line of these different from anything available now), maybe a largish sensor --1" for example-- video camera to compete with the RED Scarlet for example and maybe akin to the 4K concept camera shown in Expo's earlier this year (last year if you read this in 2011).

Heard anything about CP+ in February?

I'm somewhat doubtful we'll see a 5D MkIII this year if the 1Ds MkIV (or whatever is going to replace the 1Ds MkIII) is not announced in Q1/2. 


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