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Honey bee hanging on as temperatures drop here in southern Cal.  Image stacked with Helicon Software.  Tripod mounted camera.

Great shot! I tried Helicon stacking software a few years ago, but I never managed to get good results. Did you use a macro focusing rail for this? What are you using as lighting?

Thanks for the kind words.  No macro rail just a Bogen tripod #3021 with a Manfrotto HD701 fluid head, EOS 7D, 100mm IS USM L macro lens 1x.  Settings were 1/10 @ F11 manual focus AWB.  The bee was completely stationary. 

Speaking of Macro Rails, the cool thing about the quick release plate on this head is that you can slide it back and forth by a few inches if I ever needed the macro rail "feel".  It also has an emergency brake in case you forget to lock the plate in place.  Fantastic product.

Just by coincidence I found another lethargic bee today on our BBQ counter.  Temps were in the low 50sº F and this guy was fairly lethargic until I tried to manipulate him for the ideal shot.  He awakened and tried to muster up enough energy to fly away in which he eventually did but not before I fired off two shots.  Improper planning on my part was to get a larger depth of field forgetting he might move thus the shutter was a bit to slow at 1/25 hence the slight blur.  Should have increased the ISO or used the and learn


Canon 100mm usm not(IS) sorry can't afford one!!!


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