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Canon 100mm IS USM L Macro Photos

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Totally new to this forum, just wanted to share one of my macro shots with this lens, I only bought it a couple of weeks back and have only got out once or twice with it.

i own this lens and it is a great lens! i see most people like to take pictures of insects with this lens, but any portrait pictures of people? I have a few, i'll need to dig in to my hard drive.

Great shots btw!

a 14 image stack 100mm L IS in Zerene Stacker of spider husk[obviously]

I love this lens! This one is handheld ISO200, f3.2, 1/25, taken with the 7D in the kitchen:

5D Mark III 100mm LIS f7.1 1/60 ISO 1250 - Handheld


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