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Canon MP-E 65 1x-5x 2.8 Macro Lens example photos

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A unique lens with a unique purpose: to expose the alien world around us that's just too small to see.  For macro enthusiasts, this lens is among the best, so let's see some pics!

A few to start with:

Great stuff !  just got my lens and 24EX today--looking forward to exploiting the hell out of it.  I should probably get a macro rail as well..very nice work.

As you know, the lens is Sooo sensitive to any movement so I would imagine you shot these with a macro flash ?  By the looks of your photos are these all F16 ?  excellent depth of field or are you stacking?

Here's the 1X taken with the MP-E 65 and the actual flower taken with the 100mm 2.8 prime lens at a slight distance (not as a macro photo).

The first three and the Daddy Long Legs are all f/16 where as the ant is f/11 and the Deerfly is f/13.  The first three were taken with a 5DII, the MPE and the MT-24 with stofen diffusers.  The ant, spider, and Deerfly were taken with an XSi, the MPE and a 430ex on a modified flash bracket (used a small L bracket so the flash was hanging out over the end of the lens.  Worked sometimes, not always though). 

None are stacked.  I've dabbled in it, but don't really have the patience for it.  All are hand held.  I've never really had a problem with handholding this lens.  The precision matte focusing screens, although dark with this lens, REALLY help with focusing. 

not familiar with the precision matte focusing screens you speak of but it sounds like I should look into this.  thanks for offering those settings.  so here's the BIG question I am sure everyone wants to know:  How do you get so close without the insect flying away as in the case with the DeerFly? and are your images cropped or actuals ?

Have you noticed a big difference with the Diffusers vs. not?  I've read other state they don't help as the objects are too close to have any effect

Thanks again - Rev


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