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BG-E11 Battery Grip for 5D Mark III Camera Price???

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I wonder how come B&H have the BG-E11 Battery Grip for 5D Mark III  for only $349.00? Compare to Amazon $490.00, that's $141.00 cheaper.

Its $349 I confirmed it at my local shop. Pretty smashin deal if you ask me to have more controls than my 1dm3 in vertical portrait mode shooting.

It's because the original press release said the price on the grip was $490. That quickly changed as soon as B&H started pre-orders (around 3/6, I think? That's when I pre-ordered).

any idea when 3rd party ones will roll out?

Amazon just dropped the price of the grip to 358.20. Seemingly random price, I know. But there it is for anyone going the amazon route. They also finally dropped the price on the gps receiver to 278.65.


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