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I've started to accumulate a fair bit of gear and am looking to getting it insured. Would anyone have any experience or advice to what my options are? Thank you.

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Hey SuperFX

An insurance policy for your gear is a great idea.

I use State Farm insurance for all my gear, they have two different tiers for insurance.

All prices I'm quoting are in Canadian dollars from within Ontario, I assume it will differ elsewhere.

All State Farm policies are deductible free (here anyway) and I add my laptop to the same policy.

They cover everything, theft, loss, destruction, acts of god, it being eaten by a bear, etc.

1) Amateur.. the last time I checked ( about 2 years ago) it was $1.22/per $100 a year.

Example. $2000 worth of gear cost $24.40/yr

2) Pro.. I think I pay $1.70/per $100 a year. So a $10,000 policy works out to about $170/yr.

If you have any more questions, please ask away.


I'm not entirely sure what regions State Farm cover, seeing that I reside in Australia. But it's exactly what I'm looking for - cover during use, transport, storage and theft, all amateur use.

At least here in the USA, there's a difference between 'professional' use vs. 'personal' use, defined by whether or not you make money using your gear.  If it's not for business use, you can often get a rider on your home/rental insurance policy, or a separate policy from the same insurer - so, contact your agent!

Personally, I have coverage from State Farm like CRguy, and for my 'personal' use I pay US$7.60 per $1000 of covered gear.  Coverage is for full replacement cost, no deductible, coverage for everything (loss/theft/damage), applies wherever you travel, worldwide. 

I have a rider on my rental insurance for my gear, but sadly I was never really informed as to what the conditions are.  I do know it covers theft and damage from catastrophic incident (fire, building collapse, etc), but sadly I have no idea if it covers damage while out and about.  Looks like I'll be calling them later!


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