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I guess I'll jump on the band wagon...

This is my first TS-E lens, and it took a while to get used to it. While I still have some ways to go before nailing down the details, two things I found vital for this lens - LIVE VIEW and TRIPOD. Great lens, but not something you can use w/o prep time.

PS: By the way, these pictures were taken with APS-H body, so expect a wider view when you use it with FF bodies.

Pic 1 - Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Pic 2 - Taipei 101, Pic 3 - View from Liberty State Park in NJ


Pew pew pew by alabang, on Flickr

Very nice photos. So with an APS-H body the lens is equivalent to 1.3 * 17 = 22.1 mm so close to a TS-E 24mm on a FF.
You can now get a FF camera and have the best of both lenses. No immediate need to get TS-E24mmL II too :)

Very helpful your comment about the tripod. I'll have that in mind before (and if) I get this lens. I have the TS-E24mm II on a FF for now and although I can do without a tripod (I use the shift function for now) I understand that this will not be the case with the TS-E17mm since  a slight movement of hands will cause great changes.


Valero Street, Makati City by alabang, on Flickr


Festival Supermall by alabang, on Flickr


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