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Anybody here on LinkedIn?

I'm just getting started on LinkedIn I have only 1 "connection"... I was told that the best way to get connected with people is via groups.... below is the response I got when I treid to join the Canon EOS Group.

As I dont have any friends who are on LinkedIn and wanted to join groups to get connected I think this makes things rather awkward :-)

Reminds me of the time about 15 years ago when the bank wouldnt give me a loan because I didnt have enough money... If I had the money I wouldnt need the loan!

Anyways heres the Group response for your amusement.

"This is an automated message that your current request to join our group (Canon EOS Digital Photography) was declined.

Please don't take this personally, you have too few connections and we have found that the best way to keep the group non-commercial is only allow participants who have an actual network of people in Linkedin.

Please re-apply as soon as you have more links in your network. "

Hey SomeGuyInNewJersey,

I feel your pain. Nothing worse than feeling like you are left out. I think that posting your LinkedIn UN and something about yourself here may help you out.  Can't hurt.


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Mt Spokane Photography:
Beware that someone hacked it and made off with 6 million passwords, so change yours if you haven't already.  Always use a unique password for each site.
I have received so much junk mail over the past months from Linkedin members that I just blocked it from my e-mail, some are using it to disseminate spam.  I had never joined or given them any information, so they have problems big time with security.

Mt Spokane Photography I totally agree. I have pulled back a little on promoting Linkedin as well since the site was hacked. Sometimes it's hard to network with all of the security issues ironically it's a little bit of a paradox, since you want to post your personal info but at the same you want to shield yourself from the darker elements on the internet.


Personal Site

A couple of years ago a friend (ex-coworker, magnificent photo artist) pressured me to join so I did. Perhaps because I was never very active with it, I got nothing from it. When it was hacked and the passwords placed in jeopardy, I bailed out. Guess I'm too old for that stuff!


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