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The fine folks at Facebook don’t seem to respond to emails in regards to killed accounts in a timely matter. Perhaps they killed a whole host of accounts. I know Nikon Rumors Guy lost his accounts too.
I’ve started a new fan page. You can click the link at the top to “Like it” or the link below. It shouldn’t take long to repopulate it.
Like the Canon Rumors Page
It finally happened

I heard the rumors it was coming, and alas it came. The “Canon Rumors Guy” facebook account has been disabled since that moniker is not that of a real person.
So what now?
I hate Facebook (you are free to love it, I am not judging), I do not have a personal account, nor do I ever want one again. It appears I cannot have a fan page without having a facebook account. It was great of them to officially warn me so I could have a contigency plan.
Stay tuned, I’ll figure something out.

You can't just host it off a friend's (or a member's/ moderator's) facebook?

Get someone reliable (aka a shut in) and send them updates. Done.

@CR guy

I am fully with you on that "I hate facebook" part.
In think we don't need any "members only" overlay of the internet (as this seems to be the wet dream of Facebook) where people are more or less forced to make their private lives public to participate, making it a privacy nightmare.
Damn, I would really like to know how big the economic damage is due to people wasting time (which too often is probably payed work time...) with "social networking".
Yes, it is nice to know what your buddies from school or university are doing and how to contact them (and how you yourself are holding up in comparison... ;)), that's why I joined a more "business-oriented" social network with clear and safe data privacy settings, giving me fine-tuned control over who can see what.
But doing "social networking" for the sake of doing "social networking" is yet another way to waste your limited life time. As if we didn't already have enough stuff to waste that on: TV, playing computer/console games, surfing the web, posting in geek forums like this  ;).
Am I old-fashioned? Perhaps. And no, I am not an annoyed pensioner that can't keep up with the 21st century, I just don't get people's stupidity when it comes to the awareness for data privacy (the time-wasting part I was bitching about is everyone's own decision in the end, as long as it doesn't affect others).

So to sum it up: People looking for rumors about Canon stuff and decide to search only via Facebook deserve not finding the information they need. (and might even leave their FB view of the world, gosh!).
Yes, this might cost you a few page impressions (and therefore less add revenue) on this page.
It would be interesting to know how many people find you site via FB (and would not have found it other wise).

Just make a personal account with a fake name and fake pic. Lots of people are starting to do that!

Facebook is EVIL and no one with any brains should put real data in it so it can be datamined and used for marketing or even worse.

Just put fake information in the account so that the dummies on Facebook can find your site because they don't seems to know any more how to use the more common tools on the internet to find something.



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