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Dad got a new toy! WOW - good thing he is to young to tell mom.

Love the new 5dmk3, first shot, will share more after i mess around with it a bit.  shot JPG, will wait to raw support.

link to flickr

These pictures make me wonder ... how much sharper would anyone want or need their images to be!  ::)


--- Quote from: wickidwombat on March 26, 2012, 08:08:06 PM ---
--- Quote from: se7en on March 26, 2012, 12:15:49 PM ---I know there is an issue with a DPP setting that causes images to lose detail...there is an easy workaround...Regardless, i've noticed several people still complaining about sharpness even when using ACR6.7, converted to DNG and imported to LR4...but I just don't see it, maybe I have low standards? :)

DNG Converter to LR4,
5d Mk3
EF24-105L f/4.0, 1/250, ISO 100, handheld on a very fidgety subject, %100 crop:

--- End quote ---
that looks considerably sharper than what is coming out of mine. Thats it mines going back today

--- End quote ---

Now I agree thsi is sharp.  Mine was not like that hence why I returned it already  :-[.

@wicki: you are returning yours too?  Did I get this right?

Camera   Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Exposure   0.001 sec (1/800)
Aperture   f/2.8
Focal Length   120 mm
ISO Speed   3200

5D3L0584 by PVC 2012, on Flickr

My copy seem sharp - this is out of the camera JPEG - did shoot on both cards, 1 RAW and 1 JPEG - waiting for update to LR 3 before batch processing the RAW. Tried the ACR 6.7 (?) update but extra step in saving / posting has me shooting JPEG for the time being. 

This photo was taken with the 135mm f/2.0 L lens, part of the first set of photos taken with the 5D3 that I received today from J&R.


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