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Suggestions for Cheap-ish Speedlight Flash


I need a cheap-ish speedlight style flash.  I'm currently thinking Speedlite 430EX II re-furb/used if the price is close to $200-ish.  I don't want to spend much more for this unit, prefer to spend even less, I do not mind going generic brand if the quality/usability works well enough.

Uses are two-fold.  Want it attached to my secondary camera for Wedding and Event photography (so reasonable refresh time is somewhat important) - main camera will have it's own flash and a different lens setup.

Other primary use is on a custom macro set-up for my personal photography endeavours.  I'm going to try to do a setup something like this guy reccomends: An Introduction to High-Magnification Macro Photography  - for that I'm sure just about any flash would work + velcro instead of duct-tape.

Anyways, long story short, are there generic/off-brand flashes at the same or there-abouts price that will out-perform a 430EX II re-furb or match the quality/come very close for a much cheaper price?  thanks

I posted this here instead of in Gear Talk by mistake.  Sorry, hope mod can move it for me.  Thanks.


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