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Rayflash Ringflash Adapter for Canon 580EX


Could someone give me their impressions (and post a sample?) of the Rayflash Ringflash Adapter for Canon 580EX
Thanks in advance

Take a look at, I've had one for a while and works well, when I was looking at them Rayflash wasn't as powerful/efficient with light from the flash and as smaller the lights a lot harder.

This review shows good compare with examples:

Anybody know if you could still use the flash to control other flashes?  I can't imagine why you couldn't, although the reduction in light may further limit range.

Thank you for all that information!
2 questions:
i) how much of a pain is it that the Rayflash blocks the focus assist?
ii) Anyone able to pro/con the Rayflash versus the Opteka RL-600 E-TTL II Macro Twin Ring Lite Flash?

Thanks again


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