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This article is seriously making me question my 5DIII purchase....

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EDIT: For all the people blabbing about photographers not needing one more than the other, I ONLY SHOOT VIDEO!

Too early to tell. But we Canon shooters better get used to the Sony Nikon sensor partnership pushing the limits forward. Competition is good. Sony is huge, and knows video. Nikon is small but agile and have the backing of Sony fabs with tons of expertise. We are just seeing the beginning IMO. The days where canon was the only game in town are over. We win as consumers.

I don't find this review to be accurate, and some of the information in it is actual false.  Also, it is very emotional - why?  It's just a camera review for goodness sake.

The review is comparing a 5D3 out of the box to a GH2 that has been hacked... great review (i hope my sarcasm is coming through) ;-). 

It seems like the author is mostly upset about the price (as are lots of people).  He is mainly stating that, for the money, there are a bunch of different features that you can get on different cameras.  IE - Uncompressed 4:2:2 via HDMI.  I'm not saying I wouldn't want that in my 5D3, but add another $3000 to your GH2 set up for the AJA.  *Oh, you'll also be needing a rail support system and some Anton Bauer batteries to power the external recorder.

Also, he makes no statement as to the lenses he is using for the GH2/5D3 comparison.

I'm not going to lie, I personally would love a 1.6X crop from the sensor like on the Nikon.  That is a bummer.  But if that means I have to use Nikon glass... for get it.

Furthermore, as someone who used the 5D2 a lot for macro videography for the last 3 1/2 years...  I can say without a doubt that the "jello" rolling shutter issue is vastly VASTLY improved on the camera.

And shooting super clean 6400iso footage with the CineStyle gamma setting is great!

Go Canon! 


Sorry I thought you linked to the EOSHD review I read of the 5D3 earlier.

there is no question the D800 is an awesome camera.  I am still waiting for the side by side comparison with the 5DIII. I think all of us professional photographers are...


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