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Author Topic: Buying 60D, what lens + accessories get?  (Read 6320 times)


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Re: Buying 60D, what lens + accessories get?
« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2012, 07:36:48 PM »
What do you think about quick release buckle which is on the back? Is there any protection from someone opening it from behind and dropping camera on the ground? Looks very easy for someone to clip it open from behind...
I misspoke.  I have the RS-4, not the RS-7, and the RS-4 does not have the quick release.  I think Black Rapid sells a velcro cover that permits you to cover the quick release.
But i found this,
I looked though some videos, and it looks good (+ extra safety feature). So probably gonna get it.

Another question though.
Can I use any ball head with Gorillapod? If so, would it make sense to get Gorillapod + good ball head now, and get decent tripod later? (i would have one big and one small tripods sharing one ball head)

If yes, what ball heads do you recommend? (i heard manfrotto is a good company, any suggestions for smallish, not very expensive ball head?)


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Re: Buying 60D, what lens + accessories get?
« Reply #16 on: March 26, 2012, 01:30:48 AM »
Cable Release: I highly recommend this.  I have a wireless one, which I usually do not use because it requires line of sight, and a wired intervalometer like this one.  It is invaluable to minimizing shake and when using bulb-mode (e.g., fireworks, long exposure shots).  I tried Magic Lantern, but I prefer to use my wired intervalometer.

Well, just for the op's information: with magic lantern, you can release the shutter by the sound of snapping your finger near the camera - works for me. And of course ml has real timelapse, bulb ramping and advanced scripting, you could write a script to release the shutter after any wait time or in any interval you want.