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5Diii ISO and Portrait Tests

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Got my camera on friday, and have already done a series of tests;

ISO Test - Compares 5Diii, 5Dii, and 7D:

Portrait Tests - Samples and Direct Comparison with 5Dii:



Great set of comparisons - but - did you mix-up the sequence in the Wide App - DOF in your "answers" - i clearly like the control in left picture best. Had to ask....

Also like the model :)

Very nice and informative comparison. Thanks! Beautiful lady as well....

Please send over your model so that I may corroborate your test results. Thank you.  8)

Very nice, indeed and thanks for sharing! I notice you're using both the 24-70L and 50L: I have the 24-70L and 16-35L and currently considering the 24LII or 35L, does any of the two primes 'pay their way' onto the camera bag compared to the 24-70L for bokeh & wide aperture in your eyes? Any wothwhile benefit?

The 24-70L and 16-35L are ok wide open for portrait (or to insolate objects), but very far from the 135L wide open.

Thank you,


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