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Re: 5D MKii lens
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I think the GH2 is a perfectly capable tool, and the lack of videos is just because the camera is so young and difficult to get (no stock anywhere), but I haven't tried one (and it's not my hands you want on that camera anyway), so I can't tell for sure

the biggest advantages are:
* great in low light
* nearly no aliasing/moire (and this is a big, big plus)

and my main issues with it would be:
* I'm not sure it records at high-enough bitrate at all frame rates
* some people complain that the "panasonic look" is not as nice as the "canon look" or the "nikon look"
* and, even more, some people complain that it is difficult to get rid of the "panasonic look" in post
(I haven't used these cameras, so I just don't know exactly what they're talking about)

plus, what everybody complains about with the GH2 is the lack of nice glass, apart from the voigtlander 25mm (which, I forgot to say, is a manual lens, so no autofocus there, not nice for stills)

but the thing is: if you need low light, it's a killer combination, way better than anything else in the market, except for the super-high-end 1Dmk4 and D3s

I've tried to film inside a church with no additional lighting using my 550D and 50mm f/1.8, and there was no way I could get away with that, there was not enough light, period; an f/1.4 and/or a 5Dmk2 would have brought some improvements, but probably not enough; a GH2+f/0.95 would get around that

and still my plan is to wait for the 5Dmk3 (or mk4, if the 3 still has aliasing/moire), and complement my current lens set with a elmarit-r 180mm f/2.8 (once my 135mm becomes a real 135mm) and a 24-70 f/2.8L, for wide angle and stills (for "creamy" and "filmic" look, you usually want primes, but even if I don't take many stills, it would be nice to have at least one lens with autofocus; for film, I'd mostly use it at 24mm, where you usually have a pretty deep field anyway)

on the 24-105 vs 24-70 issue... as demonstrated by the fact that I only own primes (and the 550D kit lens), I'd get a sharper and faster lens against a more versatile one, any day of the week; and it seems that would be the 24-70 (although the 24-105 catches up at on the longer end):
(apart from the autofocus, the reason for getting a 24-70 L instead of a wide angle prime is that I haven't found any nice&cheap(ish) vintage wide angle lenses; both leitz and czj are a bit lacking here)

initially my other options were the 17-40L (cheap, but too soft) and the 16-35L (faster, but just as soft)

as of today, with these cameras riddled with image quality issues (moire and aliasing just drive me nuts), I'm pretty happy with my 550D with magic lantern, plus $900 on vintage primes, plus $2500 on accesories that will live on to my next camera (tripod, slider, followfocus, ND filters, sound, lights... this bit ramps up real quickly!)

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Re: 5D MKii lens
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Re: 5D MKii lens
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This is the best overall video comparison between the 5DmII and GH2- for low light ability, the 5D still appears to beat out the GH2, but they are pretty close:


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Re: 5D MKii lens
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I think ill wait until summer when i can comfortably afford either and make a descion then. Hopefully some cool videos from the GH2 may inspire me by then. More likely though ill see something new on the horizon and be tempted to wait lol. If 5dmkiii may come this year hopefully that would solve all my needs.

At luminous landscape. com they are writing a book called cinematography for photographers. They are using the GH2 as their camera of choice, so the book will be very interesting and hopefully inspiring. Although i asked the main guy if he thought the gh2 would be good in any situation with the right lens and he said
'The GH2 is absolutely not a universal camera. It is a terrific compromise camera though.

I can think of any number of cameras that have advantages over it in almost every area, but none that handle just about every aspect of features and IQ in as well rounded a way.

That's why, if I were heading out for a two hour shooting walk (which I am just about to do) it would be (and is) my go-to camera.


This made me start feeling i should look at full frame and the amount of amazing stuff filmed on the 5dmkii overwhelmed me! Loads of cool stuff on phillip blooms website(although he is very talented which is probably half the reason why its all amazing)

I just want to spend my money wisely lol, ive never spent this much on anything. Why cant it be easy eh!!


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Re: 5D MKii lens
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Add my 2 cents...

I like low light photography and I do alot of if, although not often at events. The amount of light plays a large role. For example, a well light street f4 is OK, for a dark club only f1.2 will do and you still need to be lucky.

28-70f2.8L is reported to be a better lens than the 24-70. I recently bought a copy at half the price of a new 24-70L and used it at a night event. I was impressed. I refuse to buy a new 24-70, I've been waiting for the update for 3 years. I also have the Tamron 28-75mm If you get a good copy it is very sharp at 28mm and OK at 75mm. The corners are a little rough and don't compare to the Canon L's, however.

The 135f2 is a very nice lens and may be what you need for a longer focal length. I have used this lens on a 50D for indoor sports. The 135f2 on the 7D would be a killer combination. Another lens that is reported to be good is the 85mm f1.8. I have one but I don't use if for low light but it is nice for portraits.

Depending on the amount of light, I find the 24-105f4 to work quite well. It is not the sharpest nor does it have the nicest bokeh, but it has a very useful focal length range and the 5DII at 3200 iso produces perfectly suitable photographs.

Those were the cheap options.

The 50mm f1.2 is my favorite for really low light. Combined with the 5DII it will see beyond what normal people see at night. The 35mm f1.4 is also a great night lens but only if you can get close to your subject. I don't own the 85mm 1.2 but it is suppose to be the ultimate.

The 70-200 f2.8 is also a great lens. The IS allows slow shutter speeds hand held and it is sharp wide open. Again, I recently used it at a night event. A very nice lens.

It has been my experience that for night event photography the prinicple thing is to keep the shutter speed 1/50 second or faster. Don't worry about the ISO. People blur because of motion is sometimes nice, but usually you want the eyes of the subject sharp. Shoot RAW. Use Lightroom.  In post don't worry about the shadows, just make them dark. It's more dramatic anyway.

A useful trick is to underexpose 1-2 stops. The photos often look more natural, you won't blow out lights and you will gain some shutter speed. I usually have my 5DII set to auto ISO, center focus, f2 of f2.8 (unless it is really dark) and 1 stop under-exposure.

My experience for video is: don't use the 5DII unless you get set up properly with some fast manual focus lenses, and assitant, a steady cam and a vido tripod.  Or buy the new Canon or the Panasonic TM700. Way easier.

If you insist on doing video on the 5DII stick to wide angle so DOF issues aren't as bad the 16-35f2.8 is a nice lens that is tolerent of video.

Just my opinion, you should look for a used 28-70. Give it a shot and then think about primes or saving up for the 70-200f2.8

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Re: 5D MKii lens
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