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Canon Rumors:

Thanks for the great response, I will go through them this evening and send some emails out on Saturday.
No more entries accepted at this time!
Be featured here

Poor David Jackson has been at the top of the site alone for a long while now. I need some more folks for profiles.
Requirements for profile (For now)

- Making a the majority of your living doing photography

- A professional web site

- Shoot Canon

- Self portrait required

- Be a nice person
I want to do “amateurs” in the future, so please do not feel slighted. I’m still working out how to get interviews completed with the busy lives photographers lead.
I want to move fast on this.

An amateur or even a beginners photo feedback area will be nice,

and users can also contribute beginner to advanced canon tutorials and guides  :)

btw, I'm new here, so if there's already something similar I haven't seen it yet.

Thanks CRGuy for the wonderful website  ;D

You'r out of luck CR Guy! Most Professionals have already switched to Nikon!  :o

Here is a list of people I wish you would interview:

John McDermott

Mark McIntyre

Scott Sewell

I'll be looking forward to the amateur section (might be something for me?)

I did like the first interview :)

You could try PMing some people on photography on the net - this guy could be interesting...
(He got mentioned here: )

I only made 10% of my income from photography last year so I don't qualify.   :(


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