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*Updated* 5d Mark III samples - Coffee Shop + Concert

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Don't kill the messenger here as my disclaimer is...
I shot these as a quick trial to see how the camera would work in everyday conditions under low light. Went to a neighborhood coffee shop that is dim lit.

Every pic was at 25600 iso
f2.8 or 4 at around 1/40
Processed with ACR beta with just default settings... didn't touch the sliders
Saved in Photoshop at Quality 11 (12 made the picture too big for my zenfolio account)

Few quick things I noticed

1) Didn't have any problems in AF in these conditions
2) It really is quiet... my friend is a photographer also and when I asked them to pose and take a pic she didn't know if I had taken one yet
3) I really need to read through the manual. I have a 5d2 and a 1d4 (and a 7d for awhile) but there are many new menu items to go through.
4) Overall it feels like a better built camera than the 5d2.. not that 5d2 was bad.
5) Ran a separate pic through Topaz Denoise and WOW. Obviously you lose detail when you do that but to not say the picture came out perfectly usable would be telling a lie.

I'll be doing some quick portraits with studio lighting tomorrow with jpg to see if there really is a smearing / softness even in low iso situations but so far I would say in low light it's passing with flying colors and a HUGE leap from the 5d2.

Full Sized jpg pictures can be downloaded from the link

*Updated*... Took this to a local movie / music festival and added some pictures from one of the concerts. This camera impresses me more and more everyday. Just started exploring the AF options today... I embarrassed to say but I would have to say I'm limited the camera right now more than the other way around. no NR on any of the pics. Yeah my settings weren't always optimal but i'm not really experienced in concert photography.

They look fantastic.

Can't wait to get mine in a couple of months.

Wow, really looks amazing! They look straight out of a movie. It's nice to see that not everyone here is a Nikon Troll.

I think the point a lot of people are missing about the high iso is...

When in the world did you ever take pictures that you could possibly even consider that they are usable at 25600 f4 1/40? In those situations you usually have no choice but to use flash or have a lot of motion blur (or still object) for a long exposure. The fact I just sat down while taking pictures confident I could get something that is usable in a lot of situations is a shift in thinking.

Looks nice.  Did you post the picture you did using Topaz?


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