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Author Topic: *UPDATED* 5D Mark III Issue with EF 200 f/2L IS Official Canon Response  (Read 38336 times)

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Hi everyone,

didn't found any news about this recently.
I just found out that I have the same issue with my 100mm 2.8 macro.

The sound starts quietly but then the volume increases and increases.
I don't want to damage the lens nor the camera.

Any updates on this?

There has been no recent news because the affected lenses were recalled and fixed well over a year ago.  The 100mm L  macro was not affected, and I've not had a problem with either of my 5D MK III's, and have not seen it reported.  its a relatively common lens, so users would be reporting issues by the thousands if there ware some sort of a general flaw.
I suggest that you have it repaired.

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