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Anyone have the g1x and are happy with when your dslr is not around?

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Just looking for a much more portable dslr alternative when I cannot bring my gear.

Mt Spokane Photography:
I looked at one a week ago in our local camera store, its reasonably portable for a aps-C body, the way the lens collapses means you can cary it in a jacket pocket without having the lens stick out.
However, the price is well over what its worth to me, and it is not wide enough.  A 21mm or so equivalent focal length would be nice rather than the 28mm.  If the price drops to $500, I'll get one.

Yeah i'm thinking the same thing. Just a little steep for a p&s.

It's not that expensive once you see the results!  Imagine a camera not much bigger than a G12 capable of image quality as good if not better than cameras like the 7D or Nikons D7000.  The lens is of 'L' quality with low dispersion elements, which is another reason it can outperform a DSLR with kit lens.

If what you need is a carry round with amazing image quality then there's never been a camera as good as this one, made better because of the hotshoe and the fast sync speed.

i have the G1X and i'm very happy with it¡¡¡¡


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