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Author Topic: EdMika adapter launch - FD 55mm 1.2 Chrome Nose and SSC (but not Aspherical-yet)  (Read 1974 times)


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IMG_2054.jpg by Ontarian, on Flickr

Took long enough to develop for us but it was worth it.  The FL 55mm 1.2 kit has been very popular and seeing as there are 3X as many of the FD 55 1.2 lenses around vs the FL I also expect brisk demand.  A very neat look and image performance that is very similar to the FL with perhaps a bit less flare.  cheers-Ed Mika

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Ah man, now that's another lens and adapter I have to buy ...  :(

I got my Fl 55/1.2 at the lower end of the price scale, $200-300 they normally go for.
I've seen the Chrome Nose and SSC versions go for almost as much as a used EF 50/1.2L (so maybe I should invest in them before this adapter makes them more expensive...)
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