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Author Topic: Did everyone who pre ordered a 5D Mark III at B&H after 3/10 get it yet?  (Read 1474 times)


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Has anyone gotten a shipment notice yet, it's just crazy not knowing when you get one, in a couple of days they'll be closing for Passover and that will be another bummer, had pre ordered at Adorama too on the 28th as a back up and Abes of Maine. Amazing B&H never knows How many they get from Canon.

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I don't think anyone who ordered after 3/2 has got one yet. I ordered 36 hours after it was available on the 4th and have no hope of getting it before May. I am now cancelling I think and ordering from a local retailer as they dropped the price to match the US. Oh well. You probably won't get yours until June.


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ordered mine on 3/5 and received it today from B&H.

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