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So..what sucks about this shot?

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id like to get some critique whats crappy and whats maybe not so crappy about my photo.
Id also especially like to know if its over exposed or sth, since i dont got a good PC screen for digital image processing.
Im in week 4 now of doing photography ever in my life :3

I like it!

very nice - you might consider putting a vignette on all sides (especially the top left) to focus the eye on the affect of the two principals.

I submitted it for the 1xdotcom gallery but it wasnt selected. Since i cant post in the critique forum on that site (u gotta write some serious posts first to be able to post ur own photos for critique) i tohught i just post it here and ask for some advice =)
I think this is my best shot so far and its not even staged.

Assuming you want an honest critique, and speaking as someone who doesn't take pictures like this (so I'm an objective sounding board, rather than someone who's easy to please "because it looks like my pictures") to my eyes it's just an unflattering, unoriginal, uninspired, rather charmless snapshot - I really can't see much at all to recommend it.

The b&w conversion really adds nothing, either: it, and other gimmicks like vignetting, won't make up for the complete lack of an emotional connection I feel to the picture. This is the problem with a lot of stuff out there these days: a mediocre image, so throw random PP effects at it in the hope that somehow it'll turn into something "good".

Sorry, but you asked.

Perhaps you can say what it is you like about it?


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