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hawks and cougars

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--- Quote from: AnselA on April 09, 2012, 03:05:26 AM ---The one I took was true to the time of day which was right before dusk so it had a little red from the Arizona sky. I did some minor post:  cropped to better set the cat where I wanted him, slightly brighten the scene as it was in partial shade, added a little saturation to heighten the colors and de-emphasized the background immediately above the cougar.

--- End quote ---

Mine are straight from the camera, uneditted, using Tamron 200-500 on all my cougar shots around 8:20am. So lots of factors there why. Makes sense, thank you. Do you live here in Tucson?

I lived there for 4 years but I moved away. I now come about once a year to enjoy the Sonoran desert.

Tucson resident here - long time member of both Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and Reid Park Zoo (where I am a docent).  Here are a couple puma shots with 5D2 - a daytime one that I think was with 300 f/4L and a night shot that I think was with 80-200 f/2.8L.  As I am sure you both know, they stay open until 10pm on summer Saturdays.  Both shots are unedited camera jpegs (only change was downsizing file).

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