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5D3 HRD pretty nice

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I had a chance to test out the HDR mode in my 5D3 and I am pretty happy.  I am sure I could have gotten a lot better image shooting raw and doing it myself but the 5D3 did a pretty good job.  I spent maybe 30 seconds in Lightroom giving it a little clarity, boosting the shadows and adding a little saturation.  Below is a link to the full resolution image.

Beautiful sunset!  <golf clap>  :)

I won't be a fan of in camera HDR until it lets you save the result as a raw-file or .tiff.

All that data reduced to a mere jpeg won't cut it for me.

I will continue to blend my files manually.

Very nice photo.  What lens and settings?

I'm glad you like the HRD feature... =)  All teasing aside nice work. 


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