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Author Topic: Anyone tried the 5d3 SRaw images yet? How is IQ? What about low ISO noise?  (Read 2269 times)


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I have used the SRaw (10MP) on my 5d2. They look pretty good, but noise is hardly any different and you lose many MP. I am seriously contemplating the 5d3 for several reasons: FPS, AF, high ISO noise, and bigger Sraw files.

I know the low ISO "banding" crap gets beat perpetually to freaking death. But it is a tiny flaw in Canon's sensor design. I'll take their awesome colors and low light ISO with this "banding" anyday. That being said, do the SRaw files render the noise any differently than standard RAW(on the new 5d3 of course) ?
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I haven't studied this in intense detail.  Although, I shoot sRAW all the time with the 5D3 and they look awesome!
It would take a studio setting to test the difference.  Has anyone on here done that yet? We would love to hear from you!

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