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Need honest opinions, the sooner the better since BH is accepting online orders soon :)

Currently I have a 5D II with the Sigma 50 1.4.  I am purchasing the 135L and want to either keep the 50 and get the 24L or sell the 50 and purchase the 35L.

I shoot couples, starting to shoot some weddings, sports, etc.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I do not like zoom lenses, nothing against them, they just fit my shooting style.  So a 24-70 and 70-200 suggestion might help someone else out :)

Just to let everyone know, I decided on the 35L.  35L, 85 and 135L is my setup and I can't say enough good things about it.  Sold the 50.


Really, it's a chocolate or vanilla sort of thing.

The 50 plus the 24 will be more versatile than just the 35. However, the classic "holy trinity" of wedding primes is the 35, the 50, and the 85. The 24 can substitute for the 35, but 24 is getting quite wide for people shots. similarly, the 135 can substitute for the 85, but it's a bit tight and it's easier to crop the 85 than back up most of the time.

The other holy trinity of event photography is the 16-35 f/2.8, the 24-70 f/2.8, and the 70-200 f/2.8. It's not quite as fast, but it's far more versatile. (And, of course, there's a comparable f/4 holy trinity for the cheapskates or those who always shoot in bright light.)

I think your best bet would be to rent the f/2.8 trinity for your next gig. You can then simultaneously see if you prefer the zooms or if there's a particular set of focal lengths you're drawn to. for example, if you not only never reach for the 16-35 but never even rack the 24-70 all the way in, then you know that the 35 is the lens for you.



if you have 135, then you'll need a middle range: 50mm and a wide angle: 24L

personally, I think the 24L kinda too wide on FF. it's good for venue/scene/creative shots, but couple shot maybe too much distortion. Well, maybe cuz i'm an 85/35 combo guy

Knowing what you're shooting would be far more useful for this discussion... I would always say to keep the 50mm as your classic focal length. Agreed that the 24mm is a little wide for shooting people, but sometimes it's a fun look that can work for your purposes. I personally use it all the time. The other consideration worth thinking about is that the 24mm is a relatively new lens, and the 35mm is probably due for replacement. That being said, sounds like very many people are happy with the 35mm.

But again, hard to say what would be a better choice given that we don't know what your interests are.


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