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Author Topic: 5D mk III Rate Button and Android  (Read 1629 times)


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5D mk III Rate Button and Android
« on: April 26, 2012, 03:27:37 PM »
Does anyone have knowledge of an Android photo slideshow (or organization) app that will recognize photos that have been "rated" by the 5D III? 

Here is the scenario...  Shooting weddings/events, I would like to be able to hit the rate button on the 5D to identify a limited number of good shots taken during the early parts of event.  At the reception, I would like to take the microSD card (in an adapter and recording JPEGs) out of the camera, insert it into my Transformer Prime Android tablet and quickly call up just those rated photos into a slideshow program to be displayed on the tablet for guests.  I have accomplished this in the past but it has required a laptop in the middle to sort the photos and write to a microSD card.  I would like to make this a seamless and quick move which should be able to be accomplished with the GREAT addition of the dual card slots! 

I see a couple of ways to do this where the android photo app could read the rating and automatically sort the photos for view.  Another option would be an Android file browser that could recognize the rating and I could copy the files from the microSD card that have ratings to the tablet or a different directory and play from there. 

Does anyone have experience trying to do this? 

Thanks in advance!

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5D mk III Rate Button and Android
« on: April 26, 2012, 03:27:37 PM »