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Lexar 64GB & 32GB SD cards


When I got 2 5D3s I bought Sandisk 64GB & 32GB cards and I also bought a Lexar Professional 64GB & 32GB cards.  I have noticed that when I put the Sandisks into my laptop the show up instantly on the desktop.  When I put the Lexar cards in the SD slot on my laptop they often don't show up the first time or take a minute or two.  Anyone else experience this?  I am just a little concerned there is something not right about them.  They seem to be fine in the camera.  Maybe I am overreacting.   

Mt Spokane Photography:
Your laptop does not recognize them, or is it installing drivers for the card?  One or two minutes is a very long time unless its loading the card drivers, and even then, it usually only takes 30 seconds or less.

Do you have another computer you can try to read the Lexars on?
If you do, and they are recognized without any issues, then it's a laptop driver problem. If you have the same issue with with another system, might be the cards.
I'm using a new 16 GB Lexar SDHC 400X card and it's read without issues with my desktop.

Lexar which is always make me crazy .


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