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and some leaves, both at f 1.2

Note the fringing around the leaves.

Other than that this is an amazing lens. Don't know if it's worth the money, but it's good for natural light portraits and stuff like that. It's sturdily built and very heavy, AF isn't particularly fast or reliable at long range which is a problem with such a thin DOF (I can't say if this is  a general problem or one only mine has) but it also make it fun to use because it's demanding and hard and you really have to know what it does and when it starts performing poorly. I don't think I'd swap it for a smaller aperture version now that I've tried it.

@ f 1.2

f 1.2

I especially love the subway shots.  Excellent.

The 50mm 1.2L has to be the most controversial lens in the history of photography (at least last decade?).  People either love it or hate.  Actually, even the people who love it always seem to qualify, or even apologize for their love.   The focus issues are not unique to you or your lens, I think every review or comment I've ever read on the 50 1.2L complains about the AF. 

I have the regular 1.4 which I love.  I haven't been able to bring myself to take the plunge for the 1.2L.  I haven't been able to justify the expense in my mind.

It would be great to see the same subway shots taken with the 1.4 to compare. 

Can I ask what ISO you used in the subway shots? 

Thanks for posting these pics.



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