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My new 7d (a few sample photos)

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Well I took advantage of Adorama's sale and picked up a new Canon 7d last week ($1199).  I finally got a chance today to snap a few photos.  I had a family of cardinals move into my backyard this spring and figured they'd be the perfect subjects.  Snapped these two pics of a male this morning.

Coming from a T2i, I have a bit of learning to do, but I'm quite happy with my first few attempts.

Nice photo, what lens did you use?

Thanks.  I used a EF 70-200 f/4L IS for both photos (no teleconverter).

Nice shots.

I recommend playing around with the manual zones for autofocus available with the 7D. I have found this to be quite effective for setting your subject off-center. It provides you with more options for image composition. This should work even for shooting relatively small birds, because autofocus is still quite snappy with this setting.

7D = Awesome Camera. 8)


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