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Questions about the SX1 IS replacement


Hey thanks for looking in!

There is a listing on CR's home page of an announcement of Canon's SX1 IS's replacement on Wednesday, 8-11-10 and I was curious about a few things.

::each of these questions I'm asking in the manor of 'what is usual'.::

1.  What time of day, say EST, does Canon 'usually' make their announcements?

2.  Once announced, how long until this new model shows up on Canon's website with full specifications?

3.  How long until it will be available to purchase on the Canon Website?

4.  How long before the camera is reviewed, like on C-Net?

Thanks much,

You know, for some reason I had it in my head that most announcements happened on Tuesdays.  Huh...I wonder what gave me that idea?

I too would like to know when all of those things typically happen (based on past experience).

I have a new question I'd like to insert in with the others:

Where would Canon's announcement be made (on the web).

I'm looking all over the place and am realizing I don't have a clue where to look, and I'm really anxious to see the specs on the new camera.

Thanks much,


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