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Not quite abstract but heavily 'shopped.

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Just wanted to show this one. I had a picture of the kid running around, up a hill, but the shot was very cluttered with people and trees etc etc.... Then I had another shot of a cliff I took laying flat down. So I tried to combine the two shots in Photoshop. Taking the kid out of the original one and placing him on the bare cliff shot.
It seemed to work nicely, and I was lucky that the sharp bits were all in the same distance. But I really like the odd scale it has. Looks like the cliff is enormous, it isn't really. :)
Tell me what you think, did it work?  :D

The world's biggest cliff by K3ntFIN, on Flickr

Nice. It doesn't matter if photoshop was used. The end product is what counts.

Simplicity in a photo like the one posted, is quite difficult to achieve. Simpllifying compositions will always make them stronger and more powerful, but are harder to get in camera. There's always some junk in the corners of the frame or something always distracting and have to maneuver your camera around to not get them in the photo.

Nice work.

Wow I really like this shot. You totally encapsulated the feeling of overcoming something dramatic.  I agree with RLPhoto and any image no matter how manipulated is all about the final emotion it delivers.

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Thank you for those nice words! Appreciated!

Well, here's one I got ages ago with my Rebel XSi. This thread made me think of it. I was messing around in LR2 (pretty sure it was 2 at the time), seeing what would happen if I did this or that, and this is what I ended up with. Sorta looks like it was painted a bit, I think.

Painting the Ocean with film by Drizzt321, on Flickr


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