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Diffuser panel and white/silver reflector panel.

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Hi, I need some kind of diffuser panel and white or silver reflector panels on the outdoor sessions. For example:

It costs a lot of money more than 1k$ (in Poland). So it's too expensive for me. But I want to build something like this. And here is my questions: have you ever made something like this? Could you recommend me some kind of materials? I thought about diffuser: PVC pipes and (I dont know how it is in english), it's a material that you put on plants in winter ;) I think that dimensions should be: diffuser 2,5m x 1,5m and white/silver reflector 2m x1,5m.

Or maybe it's a waste of time and I should buy:

But those are smaller than panels...

Thanks for help ;)

Reflector pannels - kitchen foil glued to card. Foil sometimes available as gift wrapping paper - I have blue, red and gold in 1m wide rolls

Diffuser - garden fleece works well when tacked to a wooden frame. The stuff shown is too fragile - go for a minimum of 30g

i've got these, they work pretty well and fold up nice and small


--- Quote from: wickidwombat on May 20, 2012, 08:23:48 PM ---i've got these, they work pretty well and fold up nice and small

--- End quote ---

30AUD + 50AUD for P&P ?

yeah i think i bought from a different seller i think i paid around $30 including postage
couldnt find the seller i bought mine off
still a shedload cheaper than $1k! :o


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