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Make my own 600-RT gels or wait?

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I've been waiting to learn gelling (is that a word?) until a sane gel solution came out, and I've been waiting for an in Flash Canon RF solution. Thankfully the 600-RT gives me both which is why I popped for three the day they released. Now I want to expand this wonderful gel system. The manual indicates that a 3x3 3rd party gel will work fine, but for some reason the flash won't report it correctly so you have to set a C.fn to turn off gel notification (not sure if this is a problem with a pre-2012 body).

Anyhow, should I roll my own gels or wait for somebody to come out with a 600-RT gel kit? If roll my own, any suggestions for a kit to buy? I'd like the CTB's, CTO's, Green, and a handful of Cines maybe. Would rather buy a pre done kit but I don't want to wait too long!


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Is that really a question for a photo forum?!?   :P

Seriously, I'd just buy a set of Rosco gels and go for it.

The 600RT has a "gel sensor." The flexible Canon gels fold under in the holder so that they cover the sensor and can be detected by it. Wouldn't that work for third party gels that can be mounted the same way? Are you saying the manual says it can only detect the two gels that come with the flash? That doesn't seem right but I don't have my manual with me right now to check.

You are probably aware of the clever Honl system, but in case you are not:

And it does not effect the Color Filter sensors on the 600EX-RT

NA: Rosco is fine, any suggestions? They have a 24x24 kit but that seems like a lot of plastic.

jm345: Yes from what I understand Canon will only detect and report CTO 1/2 and CTO 1/4

RC: Yeah I'm aware of Honl, but like I said I've been waiting for a Canon solution, and now that we have it I think it's awesome. We just need more gels.

On the sensor - that is a non issue. If the detection bothers anybody, a trivial workaround is to simply cut out that that small portion of their Gel. Presto - no detection.


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