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Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

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dr croubie:
This is a great little lens, I know mine doesn't get much use anymore but I've always got a soft-spot for it. First fast prime (as I'm sure it was for a lot of people), but not only that, despite all my more expensive lenses, a photo from this lens got on the cover of a book:

flower straight out of my ol T1i, the glass from my 60D


Royal Opera House, London by tom_scott88, on Flickr

Tate Modern, London. by tom_scott88, on Flickr

Women, St. Pauls, Millennium bridge, London by tom_scott88, on Flickr

Couple, Covent Garden by tom_scott88, on Flickr

Just got this lens a few weeks ago.. and took it to a couple of basketball games.  Over all I think it does quite well inside the gyms.  I am still learning on how best to use it though to get more shots in focus.

Elder vs Lakota West by Ken Fleenor, on Flickr

Elder vs Lakota West by Ken Fleenor, on Flickr

winton woods vs mason. by Ken Fleenor, on Flickr

This is my favorite lens which would be my most favorite lens when I get the 6D.  Currently, it's the 28mm F1.8 due to the crop factor but I expect that this will be very much used when I get the 6D.  I love this lens for portraits on an APS-C.  If you can't get excellent shots from this lens, then you've got a problem.  No one can ever blame this lens for taking the best pictures even at the least price.

Here's some of my recent shots:


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