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Author Topic: Canon 5D MkIII difficult assignment. REALLY low light show coverage issues.  (Read 20203 times)


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No reflection on the images, they seem mostly fine. But to me, that's one ugly bunch of stuff.

I'm no fan of Steve Jobs, but it would be nice if all product designers had his gift.

When you realize the volumes these are sold in, you'd know how cost prohibitive it can get. Same drivers/ crossovers and enclusure size done in MDF and a plain box might cost $1500, the same thing done in an applesque or similar motif, will cost $20k or more.... I'd rather spend $1500 and hide the suckers somehow... then again I don't have $20k to spare either...
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I enjoyed all the photos too.

I LOVE hi-fi, me!

It was my money-drain before photography.

I noticed the pair of Spendor speakers; I used to have SP1 speakers before I got burgled and some **** stole them.

Those ones look kinda like the size of SP1s, but with only 2 drivers like SP2s.

Now I use Dynaudio Audience 52SE, which are smaller and have less bass, but awesome mid and treble.

I'd use electrostatics if I had a bigger room.

Once I've finished buying photo gear (heh, yeah... ), I wanna go back and put more dosh into the hi-fi and get a nice valve amp. Used to have QUAD IIs when I was 18-21 but sold them as I was a poor student. TDP has reworked the QUAD II into a new version, or I might just think about getting one of his own EAR amps.

But I still have at least 3 lenses to buy! Extender 2x, 85Lf/1.2, 24-70LII.

With me...photography looks like an additional money drain.

I have 50th anniversary Klipshorns....running off a couple of Decware (budget when I bought them) SET amplifiers....
Some day..will find some good classic McIntosh tube amps....and I'll be complete...

And now, I'll be able to take quality pictures for insurance purposes...next time a Katrina comes close!!


canon rumors FORUM