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Looking for EF 24-105 f4L aftermarket replacement...

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I have several lenses in my collection but no medium wide angle zooms. I own crop sensor cameras as well as FF so I want to stay away from EF-s lenses. My lens of choice would be the EF 24-105 f4L IS but it's a little pricy for the little amount of times I would need a wide angle zoom. I also want a better quality (build and image-wise) than the EF 28-135 IS USM lens.

Any aftermarket alternatives that would be affordable and would produce good image quality? IS is welcome but I could overlook it if the image quality was worth not having IS for the same price.


Well, on an APS-C, the 24-105 & 28-135 won't exactly be wide.

For a normal Zoom, it'll generally be the 24-105 or 28-135 or 24-70. I'd go for the 24-105 if I were you.

How about a pre-owned 24-105? Their L build quality means that most examples will be as good as gold.


You can probably find a 24-105L for a good price right now since a lot of people(myself included) bought 5DMKIII kits (since the body alone was so hard to get initially), but already have an existing 24-105.

LOL  ???

So... there are no Tamron lenses (in the range I specified) or other manufacturers that make lenses that are very good in the price range of $400.00 ~ $600.00? Better than a "kit" lens but not exactly "L" class either?

I know I can get a used 24-105 for about $900.00 but that's not what I am looking for.

And I also know 24-105 is not all that "wide" on a APS-C camera BUT I also own FF. (sigh)

Any ideas from someone who owns a non-Canon medium wide angle zoom lens?



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