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Resolving Power on the 5D Mk II / III

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Hi everyone,

First post! w00t 8)

A little about myself: I'm a college student studying photojournalism, and I shoot video stories like this one with the school's 5D Mark II and 24-105 f/4.

I don't have any of my own gear, but I'm planning on taking out loans to buy a camera and lenses in the next year while I can still qualify for student loans. Which camera I get, we shall see. Lotsa factors in play, but right now I'd be eyeing the 5DIII when it comes out (or the 5DII if there's a major drop in price).

I have a question about resolving power, because I've seen it pop in conversations around the 5DIII.  If the MP boost is as big as people think it will be, is that actually going to affect image quality significantly?  Or is it going to actually create more problems, like not being able to use a 24-105 on such a high MP camera?

If you were in my position as a student, what would you do? Would you get a 5DII body today and some lenses, or would you hold out for a 5DIII?

If its no problem for you getting a camera for enough time now, i'd suggest to wait as you have access to a pretty good camera. if its not enough time, get one as soon as possible!
And have fun with it!


Resolution is really a lens issue. A poor lens will never produce images that are good, even if mounted on the worlds best camera. That lesson took me years to learn!

I'd therefore suggest that you don't wait for the 5D3, but instead buy a used mk2 (at a bargain price if the mk3 has appeared by the time you are in a position to buy).

Canon make excellent optics, being traditionally very good at long lenses. But so do others, sometimes at considerably better prices. I admit that since moving to Canon from Nikon I have become an "L" fan, but I've read good things about Sigma. Again, the used market can offer some amazing kit - I bought an almost unused EF100-400L only a few months old at half the new price a few years ago and have been very pleased with it.   

CR Backup Admin:
First, do not wait for a rumor to happen.  Some of them have been circulating for years.

Second, a newer and higher resolution body will make the combination of lens and body look sharper.

The measure of sharpness is MTF.

Modulation Transfer function or MTF of the camera lens-body combination is equal to the product of the MTF of the lens and Camera body.

If both equal 0.8, the final mtf is o.64.  If either improves, the product increases, so if the body becomes .85, the system MTF improves to 0.68.

Add in a monitor, printer, and paper, and the final MTF is lower yet.

Start here to learn about MTF.  There are good references at the end of the article.

Hey, sorry for the late reply, but just wanted to say thanks for the help, everybody!


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